Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Who Ya' Gonna Call a geek squad?

Who Needs EroTECHa?

Managed services are technology services for companies who want to outsource their technology or individual or small companies that aren't large enough to have their own technology staff, or need additional temporary technology staff. Many technology companies that don't specialize in adult media don't love it, and kind of don't like it, and don't want to go on site or have it on their computer desktops in the offices where they work.

Studios, publishers, Spa's, hotels, toy manufacturers, apparel, accessories, newspapers, personals, chat, mobile apps, educational, spirituality, holistic, massage, therapy, sex therapy, sex coaches, birthing assists.

Information Technology Provided

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Technology for the adult Erotica industry. Web, Desktop, and Mobile Applications. Graphics Processing, digitally remove condoms. Adult content games, casual, virtual, role play, casino. Managed Services. Content Management. Cloud Consulting. Learn Eroctica Publishing Online. Find out all the Free stuff.

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